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Patient Resources

Airline Reservations

There are two airports in Istanbul: Istanbul Airport on the European Side and Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian Side. Ataturk Airport is more close to our location.

Hotel Reservations

There is a wide variety of hotel and accomodation choices in Istanbul. However, it might be best to choose a hotel that is close to your physician’s office as this will be…

Airport Transfers

Both Istanbul and Sabiha Gokcen Airports have public and private transport options for downtown such as public and private buses, and standart and so called luxury taxi.

In City Transfers

Istanbul is infamous for its traffic jam and taxi shortage. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find a taxi for short distance travel.

Medical and Travel Insurance

Medical insurance is an essential consideration for anyone planning to undergo medical treatment in another country. Medical tourism patients may be exposed to various risks…

Translation Services

Our staff can speak English, German, French and Arabic. Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital has translators during the day time for English…

Istanbul Tours

Istanbul is a more than two thousand years old city with so many faces to explore. Therefore it may be best to organize a custom made tour according to your choices and time.

Turkey Tours

Turkey is a popular tourism destination that offers a rich blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. However, it may be difficult to combine a touristic tour with a surgical operation…

Informed Consent Forms

Our informed consent forms for surgeries have been prepared to inform you and your relatives about the surgery to be performed. It is a legal obligation to read and approve it.


Our Privacy Policy (GDPR and “Turkish Law of Personal Data Protection”), Environmental Sustainability and Complication Management Policy


Prof. Dr. Ferit Demirkan has EBOPRAS Certification since 2004. Also he and Demirkan Clinic is certified for medical tourism by the Turkish Ministry of Health since 2021.

Ebru Art

Ebru art, also known as paper marbling, is a traditional Turkish art form that involves creating intricate and colorful patterns on the surface of water or a viscous liquid, and then transferring these patterns onto paper or …