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Ebru Art

A Unique Traditional Türkish Art Form

"Ebru Art"

Ebru art, also known as paper marbling, is a traditional Turkish art form that involves creating intricate and colorful patterns on the surface of water or a viscous liquid, and then transferring these patterns onto paper or other surfaces. The word “ebru” is derived from the Turkish word “ebri,” meaning “cloud-like” or “marbled”

In this web site you may notice examples of “Ebru” in the backgrounds of some visuals and texts. They are a generous gift of the Turkish Ebru artist Mrs. Gül Şefika Balaban Branderberger. She is a modern master of Ebru who explores and adapts Ebru techniques, integrating them into contemporary art and design practices. She is also a “Sufi” expert, and her inspirations in art, originates from this school of Islamic mysticism. Mrs. Balaban is currently living in Switzerland and is teaching Ebru classes. She is also an art therapist and wrote a book entitled as “Ebru Therapie” which is published in Turkish and German. You may find more information about her, and her art in the following link: