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Medical Insurance and Financing

Cosmetic Surgery Complication Insurance

Here, in Demirkan Clinic, our aim is to provide you the best aesthetic results with maximum medical safety. For this reason, Dr. Demirkan analyses the medical history of every case in detail, in addition to the aesthetic concerns. Next, he explains the patient comprehensively all possible adverse outcomes, and necessary precautions to avoid them. If an adverse outcome is more likely, or if the patient fails to take the necessary precautions, he may cancel the surgery.

Despite all these efforts, complications may arise in a certain percentage of cases. When a complication do occur, we do our best to help the patient to solve that problem in accordance with our “complication policy”. However, it might be much more easier to handle the complications if you have a valid health insurance.

Health insurance coverage for cosmetic surgery, can vary significantly depending on the country, insurance provider, and specific policy. Generally, health insurance plans tend to have limited coverage for aesthetic procedures because they are considered elective and primarily performed for cosmetic purposes rather than medical necessity. However, there are certain health insurance companies which may provide coverage for aesthetic surgery. The premiums are around 200-500 euros depending on the type of surgery and coverage plan and the insurance is valid for most of the medical and aesthetic adverse outcomes within six months of the surgery.

Some insurance companies accept treatments in the country of residence but some would only pay for treatments in Turkey. Some plans cover travel, accomodation and accompanying person’s expenses as well.

Aesthetic Surgery Financing

German citizens or individuals with residency permit in Germany, may finance their cosmetic surgery with a credit option from German companies. Depending on your income and credit rating, you may finance all of your expenses for your cosmetic surgery with an online application. You may pay your credit back in monthly installments or may close the due account by a single payment whenever you are ready.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, for the details.