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Darwinian Aesthetics: Natural Selection in Hips


Research by anthropologists indicates that human hip structure began evolving with the onset of bipedalism. This new posture’s mechanical demands led to changes in hip muscles and lumbar angles. Interestingly, this transformation manifested differently in female and male hip structures.

Female Hips Evolution

Darwinian Aesthetics: The effect of estrogen promoting fat storage in the hip region and the expansion of the bone structure to facilitate pregnancy have led to broader female hips. Wide hips, symbolizing femininity and fertility, have always been preferred by men. Can we infer from this that even in modern times, this archaic symbol unconsciously continues to influence partner selection? Does this suggest that women with wider hips had an evolutionary advantage in finding partners and becoming pregnant? Essentially, have women’s hips been expanding over the last 50,000 years?

Theoretically, yes, but we lack concrete measurements to support this. However, waiting a millennium for wider hips is no longer necessary. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, achieving fuller and more sculpted buttocks is possible within hours.

Trends in Buttock Augmentation

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, buttock augmentation and lifting surgeries have been the fastest-growing procedures since 2014. The influence of popular culture is undeniable in this trend, with numerous celebrities flaunting shapely derrieres. Notably, many of these celebrities, like Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendez, and Rihanna, have South American origins. Coincidentally, some of the best buttock surgeons are also from this region, given the high demand there.

buttock augmentation and buttock aesthetics

The Brazilian Buttocks Phenomenon

Dr. Luiz Toledo, who introduced the term “Brazilian Butt” into the lexicon, investigated the connection between South American and buttock aesthetics. His theory suggests Brazil’s history with slavery (abolished in 1888) brought forward a body preference, influenced by African women with slender torsos and powerful hips. Non-African Brazilian women desiring this look have increasingly sought buttock augmentations.

Ideal Buttock Aesthetics

In buttock aesthetics, as everywhere, proportions are crucial. The waist’s slenderness plays a pivotal role in presenting the buttocks. Corsets historically aimed to accentuate not just the waist but the buttocks too. Achieving the desired A-shaped buttock, narrowing from the waist and expanding downwards, is the goal. Techniques range from liposuction for shaping the lower sections to silicone buttock implants or fat injections.

Surgical Developments

The first silicone buttock implant was introduced in 1965, initially using a breast prosthesis. Since then, specialized implants for the buttocks were developed. Though silicone implants allow for greater volume in a single procedure, they come with challenges, including limited variety and potential complications. Fat injections, on the other hand, sometimes require a follow-up due to partial fat reabsorption.

For drooping buttocks, lifting surgeries are the solution. Often, patients undergo a 360 lift, tightening the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks simultaneously. If volume enhancement is also desired, implants or fat injections can be utilized. The most significant concern with this procedure is the resultant scarring, which is typically hidden within bikini lines and deemed a worthy trade-off by most patients.

Exercising, especially squatting, can enhance buttock muscles, providing a better appearance. However, the change achievable through exercise alone is limited.

If evolution hasn’t gifted you with the desired rear, aesthetics is the solution!


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