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added to demonstrate rhinoplasty operation

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time Journey

Rhinoplasty recovery time can be divided into two parts as physical, and psycholohical. Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a “nose job,” is

Estrogen levels during pregnancy, Beauty benefits of pregnancy

Pregnancy Rejuvenates: Debunking Myths & Embracing Its Beauty Benefits

Pregnancy Rejuvenates! Motherhood is Every Woman’s Desire but There’s a Perception That Pregnancy Wears Out a Mother’s Body Every woman desires motherhood, but there is a perception that the process of pregnancy wears down a mother’s body. Problems experienced in pregnancies that aren’t monitored well, weight gained during pregnancy that

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Gynecomastia and Anabolic steroids

Don’t Let Your Breast Grow While Aiming for a Six-Pack

Introduction The doping nightmare of the sports world has been practiced since ancient times, but effective doping substances emerged after the advent of modern pharmacology. Moreover, not only a group of athletes focused solely on winning use these substances. According to a study conducted in 2014, 6.4% of men and

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darwinian aesthetics natural selection of hips buttocks

Darwinian Aesthetics: Natural Selection in Hips

Introduction Research by anthropologists indicates that human hip structure began evolving with the onset of bipedalism. This new posture’s mechanical demands led to changes in hip muscles and lumbar angles. Interestingly, this transformation manifested differently in female and male hip structures. Female Hips Evolution Darwinian Aesthetics: The effect of estrogen

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