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Lip lift surgery

The Lip Lift Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

Lip Lift Surgery, as performed by European Board Certified specialist Prof. Dr. Ferit Demirkan, offers a transformative procedure that redefines and accentuates the beauty of your smile. The upper lip length is a subtle but important variant in the overall balance of facial proportions.  There is a golden proportion between the upper and lower lip, which is 2:3. Even when the upper lip length is equal to that of the lower, the chin looks weaker, and the facial expression changes negatively. Moreover, a long upper lift is usually associated with a short vermillion height  (the red part of the lip), further enhancing the lengthened or sagging appearance of the upper lift.

Lip lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to shorten the length of the upper lip, enhance the vermilion border, and increase the number of exposed teeth when smiling. The triple benefit of lip lift surgery has made it widely popular in recent years as more and more people seek to improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence.

Lip lift surgery aims to create a more aesthetically pleasing lip shape, improve facial balance and symmetry, and increase the fullness of the vermilion border. The surgery can also correct age-related changes to the upper lip, such as drooping and elongation, and enhance the smile’s overall appearance. Lip lift surgery involves an incision in the nose’s lower border, removing a small strip of skin from below and then suturing the remaining tissue together.

This lift shortens the length of the white part of the upper lip while rolling the red vermillion part outward, giving the appearance of a more youthful and fuller lip. Depending on the design of the removed strip, different parts of the upper vermillion border can be enhanced. The final scar is hidden within the nostrils and the natural creases between the nose and cheeks. The best lip-lifting surgical design will depend on the individual’s unique needs and goals.

Candidates for Lip Lift Surgery

The ideal candidate for lip lift surgery is someone who has a long upper lip (the white part) and wants to improve the appearance of their smile. The surgery is suitable for people of all ages, but it is preferred to be performed after age 18. Another peak period for surgery is the 5th decade when an increasing age-related elongation in the upper lip is noticed. Lip lifts can be performed separately or in combination with a rhinoplasty or facelift. A thin vermillion in a well-proportionated lip does not indicate lip lift, as hyaluronic acid fillers can easily solve this problem.

Recovery Time and Post-Surgery Care

The recovery time for lip lift surgery is typically around one to two weeks, although this can vary depending on the individual and the type of associated surgery performed. Sutures are removed 5-7 after the surgery, and the edema resolves in about ten days. During this time, cold compresses may decrease the edema; it is also important to avoid excessive motion around the sutures and to follow the post-surgery care instructions provided by your plastic surgeon.

Makeup can be applied to the area one week after surgery after removing the sutures.

It is important to follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions, which may include avoiding applying makeup directly to the incision and ensuring that makeup brushes and sponges are washed and cleaned before each makeup application.

In conclusion, lip lift surgery can provide a natural and youthful appearance to the lips. With the right technique, it can enhance the appearance of the upper lip and provide a more balanced relationship between the upper and lower lip. Before undergoing lip lift surgery, it is important to understand the risks and benefits and the recovery process. By working with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, you can achieve the best possible results from your lip lift surgery.


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